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Lot 2

BASIL HADLEY (1940-2006)

“Wet Bird”
Oil on Canvas
Signed, Dated Upper Left 98

Provenance: Private Collection, Adelaide.

Basil Hadley, had a droll eye. People often were not sure how to take his works. They were quirky and often humorous. English-born Hadley who lived long in the Adelaide suburb of Stepney, was very fond of birds and depicted them sometimes as oppressed by human domination and sometimes as the marvels of nature that they are. He was well aware that they were really little dinosaurs. This Wet Bird is one of the artist’s gems. It seems gloriously whimsical. It shows a darling wild bird which has just shaken itself after a bit of a sousing in the rain. Its feathers thoroughly ruffled, it is holding one leg up and looking just a bit puzzled at the impertinence of nature for imposing this wet thing upon it.
Thus is the work not just a picture of a wet bird but a wry comment on the injustices of life.

Estimate: $5,000-8,000

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