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Lot 5

DAVID BOYD (1924-2011)

“Sunset in the Orchard”
Oil on Board
Signed Lower Left

Provenance: Private Collection, Victoria.

Orchards and children are emblematic to David Boyd’s work. They sing his themes of fertility, summertime, and playful abundance.
In this deliciously active piece, he shows children greedily tumbling and climbing for fresh fruit. It is a painting of fearless abandon. An exuberance of innocence.
David Boyd came from the renowned Boyd dynasty. From the third generation of artists, he was one of five children. With his brother Arthur Boyd soaring to fame among Australia’s modernists, he achieved success as a potter and ceramic sculptor before succumbing to the paint brush. His early distinction came from a series of controversial Explorer paintings, but it was in this particular genre of children in the landscape that his popularity was to rise. Many of these works are joyful and effervescent. Hung on a wall, they lift the world around them with their sense of youthful delight. There is more to them, however. Look closely and there is always a hint of danger and mortality. Fun is fleeting but, oh, so beautiful.

Estimate: $30,000-40,000

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