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“Orpheus Harp of Love 1981”
Oil on Canvas
Signed Lower Left

Please Note: This painting is illustrated on page 45 of the bibliography “Orpheus. The Song of Forever” by Nadine Amadio and Charles Blackman.

Charles Blackman is one of the country’s most important living artists. He emerged from the country’s early modernists to bring simpler, lighter themes to the eye; famously schoolgirls but often cats and flowers. His style is unmistakable and immensely appealing. Often there is a hint of melancholy.
He is acknowledged as a member of The Antipodeans, a group of Melbourne artists such as Arthur and David Boyd, Clifton Pugh, Robert Dickerson, John Brack, and John Perceval, who in the late 1950s protested against the dominance of abstract expressionism in the arts world.
His subsequent oeuvre shows that his stance and style has been consistent, and prodigiously successful.
This 1981 work is a mythological painting and has been noted among his significant works. Blackman went on to produce an Orpheus Suite. But this always was the outstanding image, so cleverly wrought like an elegant visual pun, the harp strings neatly intersecting the face of the ancient Greek poet and musician. Orpheus could charm all things with his music, the classical myth asserts. He was the father of songs. Blackman paints him as part of the music, man and instrument. Beauty is evoked in the flower, the gift of life and love, perhaps.
This is a prized painting and it is very exciting to find it on the market.

Estimate: $30,000-35,000

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