Frequently Asked Questions

Commission, Fees and Charges
Elder Fine Art charges a starting commission of 13.75% (GST Inclusive). We do not charge a lot fee for selling an item, nor do we charge if an item does not sell. If your item has been chosen to be illustrated there will be no charge for this.

"Are my items covered by Insurance?"
When your property is stored on our property for auction, it is covered by our insurance.

"What is the Auction Process?"
An auction is made up of a certain amount of lots. Your item will become one of those lots. The lots usually numbered numerically will be displayed in an area for an auction preview, this is when the public will then view the items for sale. If interested in buying they will register their details and will be given a Bidders card (featuring a bidders number) to use during the actual auction process.

On a separate or same day the auction will be begin. The auctioneer will sell the items starting at number one and finishing at the last numerical number. The public will try to buy the items by bidding at the auction against other people. Their bidders card is held up during the auction and if they are the highest and last bidder the auctioneer declares the lot sold and takes down the number from the highest bidders card. At this point the highest bidder is deemed the buyer of that lot. The bidders number and the price for that lot is put down on the auctioneers sheets and is then processed by administration.

"How will I know if my item Sold?"
You are welcome to call us regarding your items, but we do ask you to give it several days after the auction sale date.

"What if my item does not Sell at the Auction?"
If your item is passed in at the auction, we wait to see if there is any interest shown in the work after the auction has finished. If a customer is interested in your item and has seen it not sell at the auction they my offer to purchase it after the sale. If the offer is lower than your reserve price, then the offer will be submitted to you for your approval.

"When will I be Paid for my Sold items?"
All items must be paid for before vending clients can be paid out for their items. Payment is made by cheque and is usually paid within 14 21 working days.

"Can I set a Reserve on my item?"
To make sure you achieve the price you want for your item, you are welcome to set a reserve on any item submitted for auction, as long as it is deemed achievable by the auctioneer.

"Do I get Charged anything if my item does not Sell?"
You will only be charged vendors commission on the items you sell at auction.

The Website -
The Elder Fine Art website is user friendly and helps our auctions branch out to its national clientele. gives your items a better chance of selling and bringing a premium price as it promotes your item to a broader market, not only will your item be available to Adelaide, but to all states of Australia. Our site has an online catalogue for all our auctions displaying the item description and a professional photograph of your item. It offers its clients a Phone or absentee bidding service as well, which makes it easier and hassle free for its interstate clients.

Our Advertising and Promotion
Elder Fine Art is known for its illustrated catalogues and brochures. We have an extensive client database and a mailing list that meets all states of Australia. Elder Fine Art advertises all its sales in the Adelaide advertiser and promotes its larger sales by advertising in all the major states newspapers.

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