Condition Report Form

If you are interested in a particular Lot and would like to know the condition of the work, Elder Fine Art would be delighted to provide this information for you, we can do this via Telephone or Email or by the online form on this page.

Although we recommend for people to view works prior to buying at auction, we realise that it is not possible for all our clients to make it to the auction viewings, especially for our interstate clientele.

Elder Fine Art will view the works for their customers and report on a work as best as possible, commenting on the works overall condition including the frame.

Please Note: It is the sole responsibility of a buyer to be satisfied with the work or item prior to buying at auction. The Condition Reports provided are the sole view of Elder Fine Art and Elder Fine Art only. This view should not be taken as a warranty on that or any other lot that is being sold by Elder Fine Art.

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